How do I Schedule or Send a Push Notification?

Push notifications are a great way to send instant updates to your users. In addition to sending information immediately, you have the option to schedule notifications to send in the future.

To create a new notification:

1.Look at the ‘Features’ column on the left hand side of your screen

2.Click on ‘Push Notifications’

3.Look at the center section that should now say ‘Push Notifications’

4.Click ‘Create New’

5.Enter the message you want to send your users

6.Click ‘Next’ after you’ve entered your message

7.Select whether you want your notification to send ‘Now’ or ‘Later’

8.If you select ‘Later’ you’ll need to enter a date and time for your notification

9.Click ‘Next’ and select which page or folder you want your notification to open when tapped (optional)

10.Click ‘Send’ (if you selected ‘Now’) or ‘Save’ (if you selected ‘Late’) to send or schedule your notification

11.Select the view icon and look to your App Preview to see your notification

You need to publish any changes you make in Togglit in order for them to be available in your app.

12.Look at the ‘Features’ column on the left hand side of your screen

13.Click ‘Publish’ at the bottom of the features menu

14.Click ‘Yes’ in the pop up