How do I Lock/Unlock Users?

If you have an employee or user who should no longer be able to access your application, you may want to disable their access.

To lock or unlock a user:

1.Look all the way to the left of your screen past the ‘Features’ column Click on ‘Push Notifications’

2.Click on ‘Users’

3.Look at the center section that should now say Users

4.Select the user you want to disable.

5.Click the ‘Lock’ icon and confirm that you want to lock this user out of your app.

6.After confirming, the user will no longer be able to access your app.

7.To unlock the user go to the ‘Locked’ section of your ‘Users’ page,

8.Select the user,

9.Click ‘Unlock’

10.The user will now be able to access your app.

11.Be careful when using this feature as it prevents users from accessing the app!