How Do I Restore an Earlier Version of My App?

If you’ve made a mistake you may want to retract your changes and restore to a previously published version of your app.

1.Click ‘Restore’ on the version you want to restore

2.A pop up menu with two options will open: Mobile and Mobile + Web.

3.Select ‘Mobile’ if you only want to restore your mobile app to the previous version.

4.Select ‘Mobile + Web’ if you want both your mobile and web apps to restore to the previous version.

5.Warning: if you’ve made a lot of changes in your web application be careful before restoring. You will lose any changes you’ve made by backtracking to a previous version.

How Do I View My App’s Version History?

To view your app’s ‘Version History’:

1.Look all the way to the left of your screen past the ‘Features’ column Click on ‘Features’

2.Click ‘Version History’ at the bottom of the ‘Features’ column below the Publish button

3.A list of up to 10 published versions of your app will appear

4.Scroll down to see who published the content, what was published, and when it was published.